More about the Nut’Alsace® fountain

This is part of the Nut’Alsace® concept and has helped to make the Alsatian spread a success. What is it? This is the famous fountain which awaits you in store… Creating an original spread manufactured from high quality ingredients was already a major challenge. But the Nut’Alsace® concept was worth going that little bit farther by installing an ingenious self-service system.

To achieve this, we have perfected a heated fountain in which the spread circulates in a continual flow and is kept at an optimum temperature to ensure it maintains its fluidity.

But the Nut’Alsace® fountain is not just content to fill our stores with the irresistible aroma of hazelnuts. It is an eco-responsible initiative as it enables your pot (or any other container) to be used over and over again.

So being eco-friendly and pleasure can go hand in hand after all!

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